Power of the Enneagram

What is your Enneagram?

Discover the Power of the Enneagram 

Have you ever wondered why you react the way you do to certain situations or why some tasks feel more fulfilling than others? 

The Enneagram is not just another personality typing tool, it’s a framework for unlocking deeper levels of self-awareness and personal growth. In this journey, you’ll explore how the Enneagram can guide you to focus on a clearer vision for your life and the critical steps required to make desired changes.

What is the Enneagram?
At its core, the Enneagram is a dynamic system that outlines nine distinct personality types, each with its unique perspective on the world.  

These influence our motivations, fears, and behavior patterns. Imagine discovering a map to your inner workings that highlights your strengths, pinpoints your challenges, and opens up avenues for growth. That’s the Enneagram.

Discovering Your Enneagram Type
The journey begins with identifying your Enneagram type. While online quizzes offer a glimpse, the true depth of the Enneagram is best navigated with a guide. I’ve witnessed the transformation in people’s lives when they uncover their true type with the help of a certified practitioner—including my own.

Creating Your Life Vision with the Enneagram

  • Understand Your Core Motivations: Each type is driven by something unique. What drives you?

  • Acknowledge Your Fears and Limitations: Developing insight into your fears can be the first step toward developing strategies to get out of your own head and achieve your desired results.

  • Leverage Nine Unique Lenses: Viewing life through the Enneagram’s multifaceted lens can open up new possibilities and unlock fresh perspectives.

  • Leverage Your Strengths: Build on what you naturally do best to craft a fulfilling and achievable life vision.

My Journey

My exploration of the Enneagram began with a desire to offer my clients something more—a tool that not only illuminated their patterns but also paved the way for real change. My goal as a coach is to help my clients in their journey of discovery.

In my case despite my success and achievements, I felt an underlying lack of fulfillment, feeling trapped in a cycle of expectation and exhaustion. 

Working with my coach and leveraging the Enneagram, I unearthed what is underneath my “Achiever” mindset, learning to shift my energy from a state of “doing” to a state of “being.” This journey continues to be about developing a deeper understanding of myself; and becoming more present and intentional about my life.

How can you benefit from deeper insights into what motivates and inspires you?

The Enneagram is more than a personality test; it’s a journey into the heart of who you are and who you can become. Imagine peeling back the layers of your personality to uncover the motivations, fears, and strengths that drive you. With these insights, the vision for your life becomes clearer, and the path forward more apparent. 

Let’s Get Started

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Enneagram. Schedule a chat with me, Alec, and let’s unlock the insights to propel you forward. Together, we can explore your unique type and how it can illuminate your path to personal growth and fulfillment.

It’s time to discover what drives and excites you and create your plan to achieve the desired results.

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