Going Green

Well, it is July 4th weekend and Bucks County where I live has Gone Green about a week ago. To be honest not a whole lot has changed other than the warm weather. None the less green does mean go so it is now officially “GO Time!”
It has been an interesting few months, to say the least, and the world as we know it will never be the same. That will be good in some respects, unfortunate in others due to the lives we have lost and the events we have witnessed across the board. It will also be an opportunity for all of us to rethink how we view the world and how we react to it. A theme of this blog has been mindfulness, being in the moment, self-awareness, and the idea that while we cannot control all that goes on around us we can control our response and reaction to it.
A few weeks ago I suggested that we all work on our GO Lists. Mine was initially focused on the things I would do. Quite frankly as we moved to yellow I have made it to a restaurant for outdoor dining, visited friends out of state, worked on my bird photography, had people over including my barber, and have reduced my dependency on Amazon and have increased my support of local businesses.
As I refine my GO List in the weeks ahead I am adding more things centered less on what I want to do but rather how I act and react. Top of the list is to become more self-aware, followed in no particular order becoming an empathetic listener, thinking before reacting, recognizing mine is not the only point of view, and acknowledging no one we meet is perfect. My objective in all of this is to be more present, not overreact or rush to judgment in an effort to learn and grow.
As I celebrate the holiday weekend, I plan to add pursuit of personal growth to the life events I will be celebrating. For me, Going Green has become more than where I plan to go and what I plan to do it will also include a focus on how I show up and a celebration of personal growth.
More to come…..
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