Feeling Stuck

Time to take action if you’re feeling stuck

Action moving into 2023 


Feel like your career has plateaued, and you’re dragging yourself into work every day? Looking for a fresh start in 2023?


Maybe you’ve lost your spark and passion for what you do and just can’t figure out why or what is behind it. You’re wondering if you are working at the wrong company or maybe in the wrong career altogether.


Or maybe you’ve realized your current situation is not sustainable, and you need to begin working on what comes next.


You’ve been doing some thinking but haven’t yet seriously committed to doing anything about it. You keep telling yourself that you’ll figure it out when you’re ready, but beneath the surface of your bravado, you’re not so sure.


Why aren’t you ready? What is really holding you back? Do you really have what it takes? Do you really know what you want and don’t want? Are you doubling yourself —-I’ve been wrong before; what if I’m wrong again?


These questions aren’t going anywhere. They will distract you during the day and keep you up at night until you decide you’re finally ready to take charge of your life.


Don’t feel too bad; you’re not alone. I speak with people daily who know they’re meant to do bigger things, yet something is holding them back from taking action. 


The bottom line is that while you might talk a big game about your dreams….


Inside you are caught in a loop of excuses:


  • ** I’m too old.
  • ** It’s too late.
  • ** I have no time.
  • ** Too many people are counting on me. 
  • ** I wouldn’t even have a clue for someone out there like me.

All of these excuses are doing a fantastic job of distracting and holding you back. And let’s be honest; these doubts are not going anywhere until you decide to take action.


What if you had someone who could help you see through the forest for the trees and ask the right questions to figure out what you’re meant to do in the next phase of your life?


How great would it feel to clear your head of all the unhelpful thoughts knocking around inside and commit to a clear course of action?


What if I could also connect you with a group of like-minded people in a similar place to you and equally committed to making meaningful changes in their careers and lives? 


Would listen to their stories allow you to gain deeper insights into what is holding you back?


I am curating a community of mid to late-career professionals who have decided to draw a line in the stand and change the trajectory of their careers. 


Like you, they are tired of feeling stuck, bored, restless, and unmotivated.


For these people, someday is today. They are tired of living in a world of would of, should of, and could of. A group of people like you, ready to challenge their core beliefs, get clear on what comes next, and then confidently decide on a course of action. 


These are people not looking for simple solutions or easy answers. They have been down that road one too many times and are ready to stop kidding themselves.


Let’s be clear; I am not creating a pity party where we get together to talk about how unfair your bosses are, opportunities lost, or how bored you are with work. 


This group is only for people who are all in and ready to play bigger.


I am bringing together 4-6 people in an intimate three-month group coaching experience, where you’ll develop a deeper level of self-awareness and get clear on what you want. We will meet six times as a group over 13 weeks, and each participant will also have two 1:1 sessions with me.


During our group sessions, we will work with a variety of coaching tools and exercises designed to help you build deeper self-awareness and create the foundation for developing your specific action plans.


As a certified Sparketype™ Assessor and Coach, we will have access to these tools, and I will bring in other tools that I use in my 1:1 career coaching.


As a participant in this group, you’ll achieve these critical outcomes:


  • – Go deep and understand the type of work that brings you passion and energy so that you can move beyond doing work that bores you or wears you down.
  • – Identifying patterns that keep landing you in the same frustrating situations time and time again so that you can stop making the same old mistakes and make better decisions going forward.
  • – Develop a customized roadmap that will enable you to get clear about where you want to go, decide on the actions you need to take, and then begin fiercely executing your plan and achieving your most important goals.

If you are serious about committing to making impactful changes in your career in 2023, this program is designed to help you get off to a powerful start. 


I am looking for people who are committed to diving in to do the work, ready to push themselves and to encourage others in their journey. 


If that is you, we need to connect! 


You can email or message me to let me know you are interested, and I will share more details, and we can explore if you are a fit. 





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