Whether you are a new people leader, a business owner looking for a different perspective, or you are going through a career transition that has left you feeling unmoored, let’s talk about how I can help you, like I have helped dozens of people like you across my career.
“Coaching is more than just teaching or providing a roadmap of next steps. It’s the ability to empower, empathize, and transform. Alec has invited me into the process of growing as a leader and in developing myself. His thoughtful style and approach enables me to reach my full potential professionally and personally.”

Carol C.
VP Corporate Compliance

“As a new leader, I was challenged learning how to lead others, complete my own work and deliver on my boss’ expectations. As a result of developing a better understanding of how I show up, my blind spots, and what motivates me, I have become more self-aware. This has allowed me to be more focused on how I impact others, how I react in the moment, and options for doing things differently.”

Ethan S.
Senior Accounting Manager

“I can’t begin to say enough about Alec as an Executive Coach. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend and, like all things, it came at the perfect time. Alec didn’t “oversell” me or push me to choose him as a coach during our introductory meeting. He was honest and transparent. His calm demeanor drew me right in. He shared the areas of value he could offer and so, I chose to make it official. It was the best decision I made in 2020.
When we started working together I was overwhelmed, overworked and felt as though there wasn’t enough time in the day (like so many of us). Since starting our coaching sessions, I have developed a better time management system and no longer feel overwhelmed. I set my weekly goals and Alec keeps me honest. He has helped me to prioritize my work/life by simply being there each week to talk through what needs to happen.
My Agenda. I’ve learned in just a short time with Alec’s help, how to mentally self-check progress on all things and pivot where needed. If you’re considering an Executive Coach, call Alec and get started. He is amazing and you’ll start seeing progress almost immediately!”

Amy M.
Entrepreneur and Podcaster

“I have known Alec for greater than 20 years, ever since he brought me on board at EY. We’ve since gone separate ways professionally, but Alec was an inspiration from the very beginning, always available to act as a sounding board and provide practical and actionable advice to guide me throughout my career. When my company recently relocated out of the NY metropolitan area, I once again turned to Alec to keep me on the right path forward.
Whether looking to advance on your current track or change paths at any stage of your career, there is no better Coach / Thinking Partner. Alec is a tremendous listener, who hears what you’re saying AND how you’re saying it, to quickly get under the surface. Alec is thoughtful and honest in both his questions and his observations. I have come away more confident, reassured and inspired after each of our many discussions. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I highly recommend finding some time to connect with Alec.”

Greg E.
Senior Director, Corporate Finance

“With the advent of the pandemic, I found myself in the midst of a career change.Alec has encouraged me to think strategically about my past experience as it relates to my job search. He exhibits great empathy for my situation and always reminds me to stay positive. We have worked through personal hurdles that I allowed to be obstacles to my dream position within the higher education industry through the use of probing inquires designed to challenge and expand my thought process. Alec truly cares about my success both on a personal and professional level. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to think through my options with Alec.”

Trisha S.

“Alec is an outstanding Thinking Partner. As a creative person, I am not a fan of structure and completing administrative tasks. Alec asked me well-thought out questions to challenge me in new ways to deal with the leements of my vbusiness that I uised to avoid — to my detriment.
I am excited to have new strategies to get the ‘admin’ done, while I focus on creativity.”

Paul K.

“I am getting great value in working with Alec. He has asked me great questions and a result I am thinking differently about opportunities to grow my business. I found the experience of completing the Hogan Assessments very interesting. I have developed greater awareness of how I show up and when and where my blind spots pop up and get in the way.”

Mark R.

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