Working with Alec

My approach to coaching is built on a foundation of self-awareness. I leverage a number of different assessment tools and techniques to help you gain greater clarity around what excites, motivates, and drives you.
We will dive into your values and beliefs. Coaching is also about challenging the stories you are telling yourself that are getting in the way of making the changes you want to make in your life. I will ask you questions that will require you to be introspective and look at things through different lenses and angles drawing on your past experiences to reach new insights into what may be getting in the way of the changes you want to make.
My role is to show up prepared to meet you where you are to help you get what you need from our coaching sessions. Sometimes it may be to listen deeply as your thinking partner while you wrap your head around an issue. Other times you may ask me to push you a bit, to get down underneath the topic and challenge your thinking and commitment to taking action. You may come to a session where you ask me to go deep and call you out for failure to make tough decisions or follow through in your execution.
Meaningful and impactful change can be hard. My role is to help you build a roadmap for success and keep you focused when you become a bit frustrated, tired, and distracted. You know who you are and what you need. It is not my role to do the work for you. I am here to help you clarify the way forward and hold you accountable or call you out in a manner helpful to you.
Your role is to set the priorities and focus for each of our sessions. To come to coaching ready to do the work as no one is more invested in the outcome than you are. I rely on my clients to tell me what they need from me session to session to make progress.
The role of the Coach is not to tell you what to do. You know more about who you are, your goals, and your aspirations than anyone. You have likely landed here today because you are curious. You may be seeking opportunities to make changes, break old routines and patterns, live life to its fullest, and do the work that brings you joy and meaning.
It is about defining the outcomes you desire, examining the choices you need to make, and holding yourself accountable. These are your decisions alone to make. I have worked with individuals ranging from rising high potential performers to C-Suite executives. Many were full of energy and passion, but far too many were miserable most of the time. If you are in the second camp, I know I can be of help.
So what are you waiting for? Schedule your 30-minute Insights with Impact Session by clicking the link below. I am confident you will leave our session with a greater sense of clarity around why you are feeling stuck and with new motivation to dig deeper and take action.

Change your Lens Change your Perspective

I am an avid photographer and my photography informs my coaching. When I am composing an image I am always thinking about where to put light on the subject, selecting the appropriate angle, and focusing on the scene with the right lens.
In coaching, I help my clients shed light on the topics they wish to focus on. To see these topics from multiple angles and through different lenses to create the outcomes they desire.
LEARN how to reach a deeper level of self-awareness to Get Clear on a course of action
ENVISION your future success and Decide what you need to do to make it happen
NAVIGATE potential paths and develop the mindset to accelerate change
SUCCEED in Executing Fiercely to achieve your desired outcomes

Are you ready to move:

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How can we work together?

Coaching is an investment of both time and resources. I understand that some of you will be paying for coaching out of your own pocket while others are being supported by your employer. My goal is to make coaching accessible to individuals committed to doing the work.
The first step is to decide which type of coaching are you most interested in. Leadership, Executive, or Career Transformation. Each program consists of an assessment component and ongoing sessions component.
Individuals electing for an assessment engagement will receive 3 one hour sessions. In the first session, we will explore your options and determine the assessment tool we will use. In our second session, we will debrief the assessment and create an action plan. The third session will be a follow-up to explore your progress to date and discuss changes to your plan. You can then build on the program by adding additional sessions.
Individuals selecting a comprehensive program will complete not only the assessment component of the program you will also begin a regular cadence of coaching over 4 to 6 months. These sessions will likely be monthly during the first month, your schedule permitting, and then shift to bi-weekly thereafter. At the conclusion of the initial sessions, we can discuss your interest in scheduling additional check-in sessions throughout the year.
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