Listen to Your Inner Voice

As a coach, I work with people like you who are usually incredibly motivated but lately, you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall in your career, and you’re starting to dread going to work every day. You’re beginning to lose your spark and passion for what you do, and you can’t quite figure out why or what is behind it. You may feel stuck, unmotivated, or unclear, and you may not know your next steps, but you know it’s time to figure out what is holding you back.
Your inner voice has been growing louder and louder, telling you there’s something more for you. You’re not quite sure what is holding you back in achieving your goals, but you know you can’t ignore that voice any longer.
Maybe you’re unclear about where you want to go next and how best to get there. Or perhaps you have a clear goal and vision, but it feels like it is just beyond your reach, and you’re ready to figure out what is holding you back from taking that next step.
Maybe you’re working at the wrong company or in the wrong career altogether. Perhaps you’re growing more frustrated because you like where you are, but you’re just not moving up as quickly as you feel like you should be.
Whatever you’re thinking, you need to realize that that voice has been telling you the truth this whole time!
My role is to help you clarify what you are looking for, build the confidence to go after it, and develop an action plan to get you where you want to be.
Getting Started If you’re ready to rediscover the SPARK and Re-ignite the passion in your career, the first step is to schedule a 30 Minute Assessment Call.

We will get to the bottom of why you are feeling stuck and uninspired in your career and leave with one clear action to get moving in creating the future you aspire to.

You will leave with greater clarity around the topic we discussed. Develop confidence about what you need to do next and have at least one specific action step to move forward. If we agree we are a good fit, we can explore how we choose to work together.
Coaching is all about creating a valuable and unique experience for my clients. Typically, I work with individuals in one of the three ways noted below.

Virtually Unlimited Coaching

Virtually Unlimited Coaching is my signature program for people like you who are committed to taking back their careers and forging a new path forward in a life that lights you up. You have big aspirations, and you want to work with a strategic partner along the way who is going to challenge you, hold you accountable, and call you out when needed to turn your vision into your new reality.
The stakes for you are high. You know you are meant to do big things, and you are no longer willing to settle for a career or a life that is less than your full potential. You’re ready to work with a coach who will push you to take bigger and bolder action as you create the future that lights your spark and ignites your passion.

This is an opportunity to have me on retainer throughout your journey. First, we’ll create a regular meeting cadence to keep you on course while the skies are clear. Then, when you hit a bit of turbulence, such as a critical project milestone or decision point, we can meet more often.

My commitment to you is to show up as needed when you need a bit more support or just a quick check-in on your goals. I will be there to support you as needed along the way.
Everything I do is tailor-made to the people I am working with. It begins with you and I having our first coaching conversation. Once you’ve experienced the impact of the experience, you will be able to quantify the value to you of going deeper. We can then co-create a customized program to meet your needs.

30 Day Intensive

Maybe you don’t have six months or a year. For you, it’s go time, and you do not have a moment to lose.

●Maybe your dream job is about to become available, and you need to develop a strategy

●Maybe you have just been assigned a highly visible time-sensitive project. You need to get off to a fast start.

●Maybe you are leading an uninspired and underperforming team needing a turnaround fast.

We’ll dive right in and do the work. We’ll develop a calendar of meetings, including full coaching sessions and check-ins, to assess your progress and or course correct. We’ll also leverage tools and techniques to accelerate learning and build self-awareness to drive change.

We will get to the bottom of why you are feeling stuck and uninspired in your career and leave with one clear action to get moving in creating the future you aspire to.

Group Coaching

I offer group coaching programs to both individuals and teams. A team coaching program is an excellent tool for building and growing teams.

Group coaching programs include:
Ignite Your Spark leverages the content developed by Jonathan Fields. Participants will build self-awareness by identifying their Sparketype TM and diving deep into learning what fuels their passion. You also gain a deeper understanding of the roles and environments that drain your energy. Teams will find this an effective program, particularly when undergoing a big transition, to learn what motivates them and others to create an environment where you all thrive in pursuit of common goals.
Positive Intelligence is based on the research and leveraging the content developed by Shirzad Chamine. This program introduces the idea of the judge and saboteurs that get in the way of achieving our best results. Next, you’ll learn how to identify your saboteurs and the stories you tell yourself that keep you from achieving desired outcomes. Finally, you’ll leave the program with tools and techniques to call out the bullsh*t self-talk keeping you from achieving what you really want.
Cohort Coaching is where a group of people interested in deepening skills come together to learn more about a topic and share their experiences. The goal is to create a safe space where we can go deep, where we’ll learn from one another, role-play, and build your skills. We’ll pull a book off my bookshelf and talk about ideas and concepts, but the power comes when you step into the experience and apply what you have learned.
Participants will also have the opportunity to schedule two 1:1 coaching sessions with me to dive into the topic of their program or any other issue on your agenda.
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