You are no doubt here because you are curious about Coaching and want to learn more about what I have to offer. Curiosity is one of our greatest attributes and a critical foundation for effective Coaching. 

If you are new to Coaching. or if it has been a while since you have worked with a Coach, it is important to understand that at the heart of all Coaching is the belief that we are all Creative, Resourceful, and Whole. 

The role of the Coach is not to tell you what to do. You know more about who you are, your goals and your aspirations than anyone. You have landed here today because you are seeking opportunities to make changes, break old routines and patterns, live life to its fullest, and do the work that brings you joy and meaning.

It is about defining the outcomes you desire, examining the choices you need to make, and holding yourself accountable. These are your decisions alone to make.

Working Together


We will tap into a variety of tools, including assessments, 360 Feedback and most importantly, powerful questions that enable you to leverage me as your Thinking Partner to get unstuck and meet the challenges and opportunities ahead of you.

Career Transitions

In either the six- or three-month program, we will review your unique strengths and talents and identify skill gaps and actionable plans to close the gaps.

Mental fitness

I offer the flagship Positive Intelligence Program program developed by Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine as either part of our one-on-one relationship or in small group settings.


The six- and three-month programs are designed to help new and experienced entrepreneurs take their performance to the next level, defining what success means to you, improving your skills, managing people and growth, or achieving better work-life balance.

Self Assessment

We will utilize self assessment tools to help you create an understanding of your key motivators, identify your strengths, and help you see any blind spots that may be impacting your ability to achieve your goals.

Frequently asked questions

My role as your Thinking Partner is to create a safe, confidential, and open space for you to do your most important thinking.  I will listen to you tell your stories and ask thoughtful questions to allow you to change the narrative and create a new path forward. At the core of all our sessions, you will set the expectations of what we will cover, setting the outcomes, and holding yourself accountable. My role is to help you explore the possible, establish accountability and check in on progress and roadblocks.

The answer is that it depends. Coaching is thinking about your career and your relationships in different ways. It is about building new skills and taking action to drive your desired outcome. Building new skills takes time and focus and my experience is that it takes between 3-6 months to embed and form new habits and ways of thinking. I recommend a minimum of a three-month commitment, with the promise that we can stop at any time and I refund your remaining sessions if you are not seeing a positive impact from our time together.

I do not measure success, you measure success. At the start of our overall relationship and the start of each session we discuss your goals and desired outcomes for our time together. We will also set aside time during our sessions together to assess results and reframe your desired outcome based upon learning and shifts in priorities along the way.

This is your choice. While I prefer face to face interaction from either in person or video conferences our sessions can also be conducted over the phone.

For budgeting purposes, my fees for services range between $250.00 for the Mental Fitness Group program and $7500.00 based upon the services selected. Should you decide that you would like to work together we can customize a program to meet your needs.

What My clients say

"Alec is an outstanding Thinking Partner. As a creative person, I am not a fan of structure and completing administrative tasks. Alec asked me well thought out questions to challenge me in new ways to deal with the elements of my business that I used to avoid to my detriment. I am excited to have new strategies to get the ‘admin’ done while I focus on my creativity."
Paul K.
Business Owner
"As a new leader, I was challenged learning how to lead others, complete my own work and deliver on my boss' expectations. As a result of developing a better understanding of how I show up, my blind spots, and what motivates me, I have become more self-aware. This has allowed me to be more focused on how I impact others, how I react in the moment, and options for doing things differently."
Dave S.
Director of Accounting
"Coaching is more than just teaching or providing a roadmap of next steps. It’s the ability to empower, empathize, and transform. Alec has invited me into the process of leadership, and in developing myself I continue to develop others, which is important to me. His thoughtful style and approach enables me to reach my full potential professionally and personally."
Carol C.
VP Corporate Compliance
" With the advent of the pandemic, I found myself in the midst of a career change. Alec has encouraged me to think strategically about my past experience as it relates to my job search. He exhibits great empathy for my situation and always reminds me to stay positive. We have worked through personal hurdles that I allowed to be obstacles to my dream position within the higher education industry through the use of probing inquires designed to challenge and expand my thought process. Alec truly cares about my success both on a personal and professional level. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to think through my options with Alec."
"I am getting great value in working with Alec. He has asked me great questions and a result I am thinking differently about opportunities to grow my business. I found the experience of completing the Hogan Assessments very interesting. I have developed greater awareness of how I show up and when and where my blind spots pop up and get in the way."
Mark R.
Business Owner