Mindful Goal Setting Requires Two Things

Mindful Goal Setting requires more than just your normal “goal setting” we’ve all done in years gone by. Mindful Goal Setting requires a clear and focused process of quiet and solitude to get the best results.
For me, it’s even more difficult in the midst of an exciting couple of weeks and, in particular, an exciting last four days.
There was a great deal going on. I…
I am excited to share how these experiences will inform and impact my coaching, but for now, I can’t.
I am simply not ready yet.

Beginning Mindful Goal Setting

However, I have promised myself to begin Mindful Goal Setting. And, to do so at the appropriate time.
I did google the term this morning and was not surprised that I am not the first person in the universe to think of it.
I cannot take credit for the idea, but here is my interpretation:
Mindful goal setting allows you to be clear and focused on what you want to accomplish, grounded in Why it is meaningful to you.

My Self-Discovery

As I reflected on the events noted above, I became very fired up to put a stake in the ground, get started, and take action.
There was the urge to act on the impulse and dive right in. However, as I began to think about what steps I would take, I began to think about all of the ideas and projects going on in my life and the need to reprioritize.
Then, something dawned on me as I made my mental list and converted it to a paper list.
While all of these things were of interest to me, and I had made declarations, planted the seeds, or announced my intentions to the world, I was getting caught up in the moment and getting a bit ahead of myself.
To use a photography analogy, I was so excited to get to the top of the mountain to see the view that I failed to take the time to be mindful of the image I wanted to capture and the story I wanted to tell.
I discovered that it is ok to be excited or energized about an idea; the key is to slow down and be mindful in the incubation (goal setting) of the plan and outcome.

Make Haste Slowly

As I thought about my discovery, I was reminded of a phrase I heard years ago from a senior partner at EY, John Murphy, “make haste slowly”.
The context was a kick-off meeting for a large-scale change initiative involving leadership from around the firm and the world.
We were all passionate about the project, fired up, and ready to make change happen. John’s point in bringing up this classical phrase is that sometimes the quickest way to accomplish change is to proceed deliberately or slowly.

Mindful Goal Setting

How does this happen? Try to remember these…

The Journey Ahead

As I wrap up this blog, I am very excited to begin to map out the journey ahead.
My commitment to you is to keep you posted on my planning and progress along the way. I am permitting myself to be more mindful and to take the time to develop a well-thought-out plan. As part of the process, I may use the blog to ask for feedback as I process my ideas.
It is all about learning and growth and making an impact.
I am excited. I hope you are curious and subscribe to the blog and follow me on Linkedin if you are not already as I unwrap my future.
More to come….
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