Have you ever ventured into an unfamiliar mall or similar venue, maybe an airport, in a hurry to get to a specific location? You have an idea of where you want to go but have no idea where exactly the store or gate is located.
Experience tells you to look for a directory and figure out the best path forward. You see the destination on the map, but the more challenging part is finding the marker that says, “You are Here!”
After all, you are in a rush with a long list of things to do and a finite amount of time to get things done.
The key is taking a breath, looking around for landmarks and markers to get centered, pinpointing your location, and developing a plan. The “You are Here” sign can be viewed as a metaphor for self-awareness.
What are the steps for being self-aware?
Data Overload
Life comes at us quickly, and it is easy to get distracted. It seems that every day we are introduced to another tool designed to make us more productive or that can help us integrate all of the information coming at us via social media and the communication/project management tools we use at work.
It can be overwhelming; when do you truly have time to think, prioritize or relax?
Not always.
As I travel or look at the feeds of others, it seems to me people spend a great deal of time documenting how much fun they are having rather than exploring the view.
Try this test.
The next time you look at or take a selfie, are the subjects looking at the ocean or sunset, or are their backs to the scene so you can see how excited they are to be wherever they are?
Some of us are successful then, but it takes a lot of discipline.
So tell me, do you do your best thinking after a long day of work or after a 40-plus hour week?
I will admit that in the past, I have been able to do some groundwork for transformational thinking in my spare time. But the real progress happened when I created the space to focus on myself and engage with a mentor or coach to plan the way forward.
Please note that when I say “mentor” or “coach,” I refer to people who have helped me grow as an individual, a professional, and a photographer.
When I think about self-awareness, the words that come to mind are discovery and exploration. It is about gaining clarity around your interests, beliefs, values, and motivation.

In the vocabulary of Simon Sinek, this clarity helps us define our WHY.

In my work with clients, we take the time to discuss the most important values and beliefs.
As they advance personally and professionally, they often discover that their values remain largely the same, but their interest and motivation have begun to shift.
Too often, they find themselves chasing goals that have not been important to them in quite some time – while failing to explore what matters most in the present moment.
They have failed to identify where they are so they can plan accordingly and find the right gate (as in boarding a flight toward their next destination.)
Information Desk
As a coach and a Thinking Partner, I work with my clients as an information desk.
My role is to create a space free of distractions to get centered and find your place on the map.
First, I meet you where you are, and then we begin the process of building self-awareness. When we identify where you are, we can then explore where you can go from here.
Where are you right now?
You are the one with all the answers; you just need someone to ask you the challenging questions to unlock the information. You need someone to meet you where you are, help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and hold you accountable for creating and implementing the plan.
Call to Action
February will soon be turning to March, and spring will be right around the corner. The days will be getting longer, and we will be entering a season for growth and exploration.
What do you value?
What is most important to your growth?
I have an exercise I take my clients through to explore these topics. I call it the, “You are Here!”
My offer is that if you reach out to me in the next 30 days, I will share the test with you, and together we can review the results.
The session will be 45-minutes and I promise you that you will unlock some powerful insights.
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I look forward to hearing from you.
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