What Are You Grateful For?

Gratitude – An embarrassment of riches
As I have been continuing my post-labor reflection, I have been thinking about all of my progress over the past two years. Of course, like everyone else, I had to deal with the pandemic, but even that had a positive impact.
It has allowed me to slow down, prioritize what comes next, test my thinking and then put my plan into action. I worked very hard and pushed myself when doubts set in and have landed in a perfect place. For all of this, I am incredibly grateful.
I have a long list of things to be grateful starting with the love and support of Diane and our children Stephanie and Barry. Next on the list, I am thankful for the help of my friends, old and new. Finally, I have met some truly gifted and talented people over the past two years who have coached, mentored, and encouraged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone in the name of learning and growth.
My commitment to coaching stems from a strong desire to pay it forward in recognition of the people who made the time to help me along the way as I got stuck and needed perspective to move forward in life and my career. As a result, I have had the opportunity to develop relationships that enable me, in addition to my private practice that allow me to contribute to making coaching more accessible at all stages of their journeys.
Beyond the people in my life, I am most grateful that I have options. Arguably more than many other people, and I get that, but as a coach and thinking partner, my passion and role are to help my clients define and see the options in front of them and assist them in their journeys of exploration.
Discover you options
Readers of my last blog will know that I challenged you to figure out what was holding you back from engaging with me or any of the great coaches I know to answer the tough questions getting in the way of achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Exploration leads to the self-discovery of options. Coaching allows you to look at all of your options, connect the dots, uncover the missing bits and pieces of information or identify the steps you need to explore.
I believe we all owe it to ourselves to be wake up every day excited about the possibilities and what comes next. Everything you desire may not be in your immediate grasp, but we are all one step closer with each day and with the right plan. Yes, we all take a few steps back now and again, but that is all part of the journey.
We all have options available to us at some level. Perhaps not everything we need but with the right motivation and clarity of purpose, we can make incremental progress every day.
What are you grateful for?
Many people I know keep a gratitude journal as a means of capturing all the things that they are grateful for. I prefer to spend time every day thinking about what I am grateful for. Sometimes when I have a setback or get anxious or frustrated, I stop and take a break and remind myself of who and what I am grateful for. These pauses allow me to refocus and get back on track.
Gratitude to me is an amazing source of energy and a compass that keeps me moving forward. When I think about all that I am grateful for my mind gets clearer and with clarity comes discovery.
My call to action for this week is to think about what you are grateful for. But I do not want you to stop there. The next step is to turn your feelings of gratitude into positive energy that can be used to fuel your personal Journeys of growth. If the energy you create lights the spark for discovery and coaching, I am ready when you are!
So what are you grateful for? I invite you to leave a comment below or contact me at alec@aronscoaching.com.
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