Year For Growth

Is it time for you to grow?

Focus On Growth


If you are knee-deep in your annual planning and budgeting process, you’ll know this is the time of year when businesses and individuals focus on growth in the year ahead.


If your goal is growth, there are many shiny objects out there competing for resources and your attention. As a leader, you will need to prioritize the things that will actually move the needle in the right direction.


After a tumultuous few years, we’ve all had to look at priorities a little differently. Last year my goals for 2022 were to get out of the house, travel more, capture images with my camera, and sit in Madison Square Garden again to watch and listen to Billy Joel. 


On the professional side, my goal was to grow as a coach. 


As I look to 2023, I would love to “invest” in some more fun things: a couple of photography workshops, a vacation with Diane without a camera, upgrading my phone or buying that standing desk that keeps showing up in all of my social media feeds. Any of those options would be great, but they will not contribute directly to my growth as a coach.


So I have made the strategic decision that my priority investment for 2023 is Coaching. I am now working with multiple coaches and connecting with peers to grow personally and serve my clients even more powerfully. 


I am focused on the year ahead, taking action and making the investments needed to achieve my goals. 

How about you?


Are you clear on where you need to invest your time, energy, and resources to reach your next level of growth?


How would it feel to get clear on exactly what you want to make the decision and execute fiercely?

What if you could actually identify your highest priorities for 2023? 


I am offering you the opportunity to connect with me to do some planning for the year ahead. To dive into the opportunities and challenges in front of you and prioritize your plan for personal growth.


Book a 30-minute Complimentary Assessment


On the call, I’ll help you to:


  • Get clear on your highest priorities for the year ahead.
  • Identify the excuses and stories you’ve been telling yourself that are getting in the way of achieving what is important to you.
  • Commit to at least one action to confidently take forward and make progress in achieving your goals.
  • Ignite your spark to take action to drive the change you deserve.

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