You aren’t missing anything

You’ve just hung up on a call with a colleague. They have called to tell you that they just accepted a brand new opportunity. That same feeling that came over you last week and last month and the month before that begins to set in.

Choosing the right voice

You may no longer be commuting to the office 5 days a week, but the days and the weeks seem to be getting longer and longer with no relief in sight. Your mood is wearing thin on everyone in your inner circle.

Are you fearing change?

Do you ever dream of that moment when you can finally march into the Executive’s office and hand in your resignation? But as much as that dream feels so enticing, right now you feel so trapped that quitting feels impossible.

Life and Career Fulfillment

The longer you have these questions bouncing around your head, the deeper your funk can become. And when you are in that type of funk, you might even start to believe the lie that you don’t have anything left to offer.

Lacking Clarity?

Well, in my last blog, I suggested you start making a list of your accomplishments in 2021 as you begin to think about your goals for 2022. As a reminder, here are some questions I gave you to consider as part of the process.

Reflections – Pursuing a Goal

This blog marks the completion of my first “real” vacation since October of 2019. When I say “real” vacation, I mean back in an airport, on a plane, staying in local motels, and waking up at 4 am in the hopes of landing that once-in-a-lifetime sunrise image

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